Frequently Asked Questions

Register at the site, this will automatically create your account. Thereupon, our managers will contact you and check the documents, as well as help correctly determine the region within which you want to fulfill orders.

Make sure that you have all necessary documents for cargo carriage. In order to read the list of documents, go to the “Become a carrier” section, start the registration and study the license agreement.

If your documents are in order, and you have all necessary permits, just continue with the registration.

We work all over the world. Orders from customers come from various points of our planet.

That is why it is so important to determine your region of service correctly – this will help you only receive notices of orders placed nearby.

No, it is absolutely free.

You calculate the order value yourself and offer the price to the customer.

When you receive an order, you can see the pick-up and delivery points, additional options and comments. Based on these data, you should independently determine the price you are ready to charge for the transportation.

It is important to remember that it is your obligation to pay the commission for the order provided by the service. The commission will be only 15% of the order value.

It’s easy: offer better prices and cars. works according to the auction principle. That means that a customer chooses the offer that suits him/her best from among all available offers. For some people, the price of transportation is the most important aspect, for others this is the means of transport.

Just expand the service area yourself in your personal account on the site. If you have failed to do it, call our customer support team. Our managers will gladly help you.

By no means. Your role in the frame of your assignment is to provide a vehicle and transport the cargo from point A to point B. But if you are ready to carry heavy things, just include this service into the order value.

The main difference and advantage of the service is its free usage. You can monitor orders and offer your services without the need to pay anything. Besides, we allow carriers to independently determine the price for their services.

If such changes are convenient for you, but they increase the order value, just inform the customer of the price difference. If both you and the customer are fine with the changes, contact the customer support team and make them aware of your arrangements.

If you have any disagreements, contact the customer support team. We will help settle the problem and find the most comfortable solution for you and your client.