Frequently Asked Questions

Choose the address of pick up and the delivery point for the carrier on the start page.

Thereupon, you will be redirected to the expanded order form. Specify the date of pick up and the required means of transport, describe the cargo and write your contact details. Specify whatever you wish in the comment field.

Ready! Choose an offer – one by one, offers from carries will appear under your order with prices and vehicle specifications.


The service does not have any time limits. It is necessary to remember that the more time is left before the trip, the more offers you will receive. This means that you will have a much wider choice of prices and cars.

We will send you an e-mail instantly. This letter is what will allow you to make sure that your order is being processed by

The system will send the letter automatically as soon as you have placed your request.

First, make sure the letter hasn’t got into your “spam” folder. If you haven’t found the letter there, contact our customer support team by phone number +7 499 404 02 60 or by e-mail [email protected]. Our representatives will gladly help you.

It usually takes about three hours to process an order placed on a weekday. If you described any special cargo in you order, like chemicals or heavy steelwork, the search for contractors might take additional time.

Irregular orders require additional coordination and time to find an appropriate special vehicle. In this case, our customer support representatives will contact you to inform you about the status of your order.

That happens. In order to coordinate the changes, just contact the customer support service of or our driver directly.

In such cases you are to specify the time according to the local time of the pick up point region.

No, but you need to choose an appropriate vehicle type in the order options. If you still have doubts, you can describe the specifications of your cargo in the comment field or contact our customer support service. Our representatives will help you fill in the order correctly.

Currently, our service does not include such an option, but we can help you find contractors for loading in most cases. Just write your wish in the comment field.


If it has happened, you need to immediately contact the customer support service of We will do our best to solve this problem as soon as possible in order to prevent this mistake from disrupting your plans.

The order confirmation letter contains your contractor’s contact details. Just call him, he is probably late due to traffic problems and is about to arrive at the loading point.

If you have failed to get through to your contractor on the phone number specified in the letter, contact the customer support service of We will find out the reason of the delay and solve the problem.

It depends on your carrier’s terms. You can clarify this issue directly or through the customer support service of

You can pay for the cargo transportation ussing a bank card or a Paypal. Some Carriers also do accept cash.

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