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Air freight shipping

Air cargo transportation is the optimal solution for cargo transportation, taking into account the tight transit time for any distance. Air transportation helps to deliver goods to the most inaccessible places. Even if there is no airport at the final destination of the route, mixed transportation associated with aviation is much faster than moving cargo on any other transport.

Cost and terms of Air freight shipping

Air freight shipping costs are determined by various factors such as the route, weight and size of the cargo, type of cargo (general, temperature-controlled, dangerous goods, etc.), and additional services required. The weight and volume of the cargo are particularly important. Delivery time by air transport is usually within two days, but in some cases, the cargo and documents require extensive preparation. Special arrangements, such as chartering an aircraft or designing a custom route for non-standard cargo, may take longer to arrange.

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Experience efficient and speedy international air transportation to various destinations

Fast delivery

Ensuring better cargo condition upon arrival

Improved conditions

Efficient inventory control, increased security

Trusted carriers

All our carriers are accredited and verified

What our clients are saying

Nick D

I am thrilled to have discovered this platform for organizing my delivery. The entire process went incredibly smoothly and left me fully satisfied. As I needed to transport a motorcycle and a bicycle from Bulgaria to Poland, I found this service on the web and decided to give it a try. I received an offer that was exceptionally fair in terms of value. Communication was effortless from that point on, as they assisted me with all the necessary documentation.


The entire transport shipping process!

Sam W

I found the website of to be incredibly user-friendly! It effectively showcased the differences between each option, making it easy for me to make an informed decision. Kudos to for providing such a seamless and thoughtful experience! I only take off a star because the packaging is a little wrinkled, but nothing too critical.

John M

I reached out to them multiple times and specifically requested the same agent each time.

David K

I express my sincere gratitude to my agent Mark for delivering exceptional support and assistance. The quality of service provided was truly outstanding.

Jess D

I was thoroughly impressed with their exceptional responsiveness and their commitment to fulfilling my request for a swift delivery. The effective communication between the driver and the support team left a positive impression on me. Although I had a minor concern related to the delivery, I firmly believe that addressing this matter will lead to even further enhancements in their service quality.

Use FCL/LCL services for more convenient shipping

FCL and LCL are common terms utilized in import-export operations, primarily for air shipping of goods

FCL air freight shipping

FCL service enables the transfer of an entire container to a single consignee. Ideal for large shipments

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LCL air freight shipping

LCL service permits multiple individuals and organizations to fill containers with their cargo, resulting in cost savings

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Answers to questions

Our platform ensures that all carriers are vetted and have proper insurance coverage to protect your cargo.

We have strict protocols in place to ensure the safety and security of your cargo, including GPS tracking, real-time monitoring, and trained drivers who are experienced in handling all types of cargo.

You can easily book a truck for transportation through our online platform. Simply enter your pickup and delivery locations, select the type of cargo you need transported, and choose from a range of available trucks that meet your needs.

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